Alternative learning spaces

How good design can make good education

There are many initiatives for learning methods and subjects but a usually overlooked aspect is the suitability of the space inhibiting them and even the contribution of its design to the success of their implementation.

The classic classroom design places the students in front-facing rows and the teacher in the front of the class. Modern approaches change the learning activities in class as well as using different teaching aids. These require a better use of the space. Some classrooms incorporate adjustable furniture to have the flexibility to adjust the room to the activity but in some schools they really go the extra mile designing the entire learning space as well as the flow between spaces.

The most important aspect of designing educational environments is the school’s descision to go into a process of looking into the full learning experience and this makes all the difference. After having such a descision, the school is bound to go into a deeper process of deciding how learning will look and how well prepared its graduates will be for their future.


and as implemented in a school in Sweden

featured image – Stockholm’s Vittraa School © Rosan Bosch

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